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For the needs of this Part, it’s immaterial whether or not an unsatisfactory college attendance scenario exists or has existed earlier than or after the graduation of this part. However, an unsatisfactory faculty attendance scenario doesn’t exist in relation to a toddler if the kid isn’t required, underneath a law of a State or Territory, to attend faculty in a State or Territory. The actions which may be specified underneath subsection could relate to a child’s intellectual, bodily or social growth.

The Minister may, by legislative instrument, specify activities for the aim of subparagraph (b)(iii). The activities may be specified by reference to a class of individuals endeavor the activities. Subsection doesn’t limit the application of subsection 33 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 to other instruments underneath this Act. For the purposes of this Part, excluded goods or excluded providers are not precedence wants.

(e) quarterly energy supplement underneath the Veterans’ Entitlements Act for service pension. means an officer or employee of a State or Territory who has functions, powers or duties in relation to the care, safety or welfare of youngsters. (v) an advance fee underneath Part IVA of the Veterans’ Entitlements Act. (f) a second 2020 economic help payment under Division 2 of Part 9 of the Family Assistance Act. (d) to the extent to which the individual conducting the examination consents.

(b) the cost turns into payable at a lower price beneath section 98, ninety nine or a hundred. This part does not apply to determinations to which section 110A applies.

(b) something done, in good religion, by the nominee in his or her capacity as nominee. The revocation of an appointment has impact on and from such day, being later than the day of the revocation, as is specified in the revocation.

The Secretary may, at any time, cancel the suspension of an appointment under subsection or . If the tactic statement says go to this subsection, the Secretary should affirm the decision or decisions beneath review. (b) the actual maintenance income is equal to or greater than 125% of the annualised maintenance earnings free area and the precise upkeep earnings is less than a hundred twenty five% of the annual amount of estimated maintenance revenue. Work out the annual quantity of estimated maintenance income for the mother or father beneath part 123AD. Work out the annualised upkeep income free space for the parent for the revenue 12 months underneath section 123AC.

An instrument beneath paragraph (b) could specify a share that’s larger than 50% provided that the Minister considers the upper proportion is critical to advertise the objects of this Part. of the online quantity of the payment (rounded all the way down to the closest cent). of the net amount of the instalment (rounded down to the nearest cent).

  • The Minister might, by legislative instrument, determine the periods which are to be laid out in determinations for the needs of subsections and .
  • Subject to this section, the Secretary must, in accordance with the social security law, determine a declare for a social security fee or a concession card, both granting or rejecting the claim.
  • Subject to subsections and , if the Secretary doesn’t make a willpower regarding a declare within the period of 13 weeks after the day on which the claim was made, the Secretary is taken to have made, at the end of that interval, a willpower rejecting the claim.

Social Security Administration (Ssa)

The residual amount is payable to the first particular person in accordance with this section. (ii) if the agreement specifies a period (which have to be no less than 13 weeks) during which it’s to remain in force, and the agreement has not been terminated under part 123UO earlier than the end of that period—the tip of that period.

This section doesn’t apply to determinations to which section 109A or 110A apply. (h) if the rate discount is attributable to the steadiness having already been lowered to nil—the first day on which the opening stability was nil. (f) if the rate reduction is attributable to the stability having already been decreased to nil—the first day on which the opening steadiness was nil. (d) the disability assist pension had been suspended beneath section 96. the Secretary may determine that the companion is to be handled as if the partner’s carer cost had not been cancelled however had been suspended under part 96.

This subsection doesn’t restrict the matters to which the Minister might have regard to in deciding whether the Minister is satisfied as mentioned in subsection . This Part doesn’t forestall an area specified beneath paragraph (c) from being described as the world throughout the boundary of premises occupied by a particular secondary college.

This Part does not prevent an space specified beneath paragraph (c) from being described as the area throughout the boundary of premises occupied by a specific main college. means a period of 3 months beginning on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July or 1 October. (e) a cost under the scheme decided under Schedule 4 to the Household Stimulus Package Act (No. 2) 2009.

Social Security (Administration) Act 1999

If the primary individual owes an quantity (the debt amount) to the Commonwealth, the Secretary may, with the consent of the first individual, set off the entire or part of the residual amount in opposition to the whole or a part of the debt amount. (d) the quantity paid by the Secretary does not exceed the residual quantity.