10 Management Job Prospects and Salaries

10 Management Job Prospects and Salaries. Here are 10 management job opportunities or prospects that you can take into account after graduation

Educators or Lecturers

10 Management Job Prospects and Salaries. To become a lecturer, at least you have an S2 education certificate. As for teachers, S1 graduates can become teachers by taking part in Teacher Professional Education or PPG. It can be said that the salary earned by an educator or lecturer is not that big. This salary depends on the level between IDR 1,500,000 to IDR 5,600,000 million for level IV e. However, many perks make job prospects for lecturers so tempting.

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Business Consultant

10 Management Job Prospects and Salaries. Second, you can have a career as a business consultant. Many national or international companies use business consultants who will help in the development of a company. No wonder the fees offered to business consultants who are experts are very large or reach tens of millions of rupiah.

Banking Consultation

Third, you can have a career as a banking consultant. Opportunities to work as a banking consultancy are wide open for Management graduates. Don’t be surprised if this job prospect offers a large salary ranging from tens of millions to tens of millions of rupiah for certain career time stages.

Marketing Manager

Fourth, you can choose a career as a marketing manager. Management job opportunities or prospects may be successful in becoming a marketing manager. The more expert and able to influence the public to buy services, products, or services, the company will provide greater rewards.

HR Manager

Fifth, you can also become an HR manager in a large company that dares to pay tens of millions of rupiah per month. Of course, your ability in this field is not in doubt. The main task of the HR manager is to take care of all matters relating to employees and the organization.

Finance Manager

Sixth, you can have a career as a financial manager. Yes, you can also have a mid to high career as a financial manager. You are responsible for all financial decisions.

Agribusiness, Trade, Banking, and Others

Seventh, you can work on managing the agribusiness sector, trade, banking, and the like. These sectors can also help you have bright prospects. The management knowledge that you have will certainly be very useful for developing your business and advancing the company.
The salary for your job as a manager in charge of many employees is of course tens to tens of millions of rupiah.

Trainee Management

Eighth, you can apply for work through the trainee management channel. Who doesn’t want to be on the management staff of a trainee at a large company? You can become one of the company’s elite teams in charge of conducting training for participants who will become managers in the company. Don’t be surprised if the company dares to pay you a salary of tens of millions of rupiah per month.


Yes, of course, someone who studies at the Faculty of Economics and majoring in Accounting will be prioritized. However, that does not mean that a management graduate cannot become an accountant. The reason is, if you have good abilities, this job could be your preferred career path.
As an accountant, you will receive a salary of around Rp.5,000,000 to Rp.10,000,000 per month in the first years.


Being an entrepreneur requires instinct and the ability to manage a business well. Management graduates are not only pegged to become workers but can also become entrepreneurs. Of course, there is no salary offered because you decide for yourself what turnover you want.