7 Business Administration Job Prospects

7 Business Administration Job Prospects. Business administration science is a branch of science that is indispensable in today’s intense business competition. Maybe some of you don’t know what business administration is.
Business administration or often referred to as commercial administration is a special field of study that studies everything related to business and company operational activities.

7 Business Administration Job Prospects. These activities include marketing or marketing, financial management, personnel management (HR), to production. Apart from business operations, business administration also includes the knowledge of creating new products.

If you are majoring in business administration, you will study subjects such as:
• business finance
• human Resources
• business operations
• organizational theory and behavior
• leadership management
• entrepreneurship
• marketing science
• business planning
• decision-making theory

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Administrative staff

One of the job prospects of a business administration graduate is as an administrative staff of a company. The position of administrative staff within the company itself is very diverse, such as general administration staff, taxation, warehouse, and many more that can be occupied by business administration graduates. There are several tasks performed by administrative staff.

The first task is filing or recapitulating data such as domicile documents, proof of transactions, and securities of company assets.
In addition, the administrative staff is responsible for making official documents needed by the company, such as domicile, contract extension and purchase documents.

Business administration graduates who work as administrative staff also carry out universal company scheduling, such as arranging meetings with multiple clients for time efficiency.
Company Management
Business administration graduates have fairly complete competencies.
One of these competencies is in the field of management.
The definition of company management is the process of leading, administering, and directing the company.

A manager must be able to make decisions, communicate, motivate, delegate, and develop others through assessment, advice and training.
In addition, managers must be able to carry out careful planning regarding various company activities and supervise their progress.
If you are a graduate of business administration and want to occupy a managerial position in a company, you can apply for the management trainee program which is usually held by large companies.
In this program you as a graduate of business administration do not only work according to the knowledge you have.
You will be encouraged to study the entire company before being assigned to a specific management section.

Human Resources Staff

Another position in a company that business administration graduates usually occupy is human resources staff.
Human resource staff or commonly known as human resource development (HRD) is part of a company that is responsible for human resources, from the preparation of recruiting new employees to work contracts.

In addition, HRD functions to map and filter human resources in the company.
If you are a graduate of business administration and are interested in working in the HRD department, you must be able to master competencies such as teamwork, communication, building relationships with others, and being able to develop others.

Marketing Staff

One of the subjects studied in the business administration major is marketing policy and strategy.
Therefore, a business administration graduate is very likely to work as a marketing staff in a company.
The marketing division in the company functions to increase sales of goods or services by means of various promotional methods.
One of the jobs that business administration graduates can do in the marketing division is to carry out daily tasks in the administration field in helping marketing managers fulfill the functions of the marketing division.