Marketing: 9 Tips to Increase Sales on Shopee

Marketing: 9 Tips to Increase Sales on Shopee

Marketing- As one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia, Shopee has 127.4 million website visitors in the first quarter of 2021. Dense visitors make the number of sellers on this platform also increase.

Therefore, of course, you have to think about how to increase sales on Shopee if you want to stay competitive in this marketplace from Singapore.

Selling on the marketplace is actually very easy to do. You just need to register an account and start selling products. However, you need to pay attention to several things so that your store does not lose to compete with other stores that sell similar products.

Come on, check out the following tips for increasing sales at Shopee!

Market Analysis

If you are just starting to sell, the first thing to do is market analysis. You can do research such as what products you will sell, how big your target market is, and pay attention to what price you will install.

With market analysis, you can also find out how much competition there is. The trick is you can do a search for the product you want to sell and click the “best selling” column.

Research what makes a product a bestseller, whether it’s because of the low price, the location of the store, or the more available variants. From here you can decide the price to install as well as the variant for the product you want to sell.

Follow Shopee Campaign

Shopee has provided many features for sellers to maximize their marketing. One of the features offered is “My Campaigns” where you can register your store to be advertised on banners of various websites for free.

There are several criteria if you want to register a store to participate in this Campaign, namely:

  1. Product names and descriptions must be appropriate and clear.
  2. The seller is willing to give a discount of 10-20% if the store is approved to participate in the Campaign.
  3. The prices offered must be competitive.

It’s quite easy to register your store for this feature. You only need to log in to your Shopee seller account, then go to the “Marketing Center” tab. This tab will display Shopee features that function to increase sales on Shopee.

You just select the “Campaign” feature. If there is a campaign going on, the option to register will appear. By following this feature, the Shopee homepage banner will display your product and will make many users see it, and will display it via push notifications.

Use the Top Picks Feature

In an effort to increase cross-selling, Shopee has provided a Top Picks feature or what is commonly called a category for your shop page. Sellers can add 4-8 products in one category. This will make it easier for buyers to choose the products in your store.

To activate this feature, you must access a Shopee seller account. Next, go to “Seller Center” and click “Marketing Center”. Select the “Top Picks” and “Add Collection” options. At this stage, Shopee asks you to name your collection and choose what products you want to include.

You can create up to 10 collections for your shop, but only 1 collection can display at any given time period. You can set the showtime of existing collections through the “Top Picks” or “Top Choice” home page earlier.

Enable Flash Sales Feature

Flash sale or flash sale is an excellent feature of this orange platform. The reason is, that many users are immediately attracted to this feature when visiting a store. By using this feature, your product can go up and reach more potential consumers.

Not all sellers at Shopee can participate in this flash sale program. and must meet several conditions, including:

  1. Has 0 penalty points
  2. The response rate of chat with consumers is good
  3. Good shop rating
  4. The discount price listed must be in accordance with the nomination agreement
  5. Have sufficient product stock
  6. The product belongs to the category of predefined requirements

The way to activate flash sales on Shopee is to first buy a slot for your store. Access the SG Vendor

Solutions page and select the appropriate slot, then make your payment as usual.

After a successful purchase, a “Flash Sale” option will appear in your sales center. Select the flash sale that you bought earlier, then nominate a maximum of 2 products. Once done, you just need to wait for confirmation from Shopee which usually takes 5-7 working days.

Give Store Voucher

Giving vouchers to shoppers can encourage them to add more products to their shopping carts. You can set your own minimum spending limit so that the voucher can be used.

How to make a voucher on Shopee is very easy. Open the Sales Center page, then select the “Voucher” menu. Currently, there are two types of vouchers, namely “product vouchers” which can only be used for certain products, and “store vouchers” which can be used for any product in your store.

After selecting the type of voucher you want to create, follow the instructions to complete the details. After successfully being created, the voucher will be accessible via your store dashboard.

Discount Your Products

A survey states that Shopee shoppers are more interested in products that are on sale. You can take advantage of this discount feature so that visitors are interested and eventually buy products in your store.

Keep in mind, that the price you offer at a discount must remain competitive with sellers of similar products. You can also arrange for buyers to only checkout a certain number of products so that other shoppers can also get the discount.

Understand the Consumer Buying Process

Before buying an item on Shopee, consumers go through 4 stages of purchase, namely social, engagement, conversion, and storage. The first stage, social, means user awareness when they first encounter your product. You must maximize the “Search feature” and “Top Picks” to get customers at this stage.

Next is the engagement stage. This is the involvement of the customer in determining the price. You can maximize the Shopee Live and Shop Voucher features at this stage.

The third stage is conversion. This happens when a buyer decides to check out a product from your store. Free Shipping and Shop Voucher Programs play a strong role in this conversion process.

The last is the most important process, namely the storage stage. In this process, the customer decides whether to repurchase your product or not. Product quality and high ratings are important to maintain customer loyalty at this stage.

Take advantage of social media

Having social media can increase the credibility of your store. You can upload store or product information on platforms such as Instagram or Whatsapp so that buyers are sure of the store and products you sell.

In addition, you can also build branding for your store by choosing the base color of your uploads, and reach a wider target market. You can also upload store ratings and good buyer reviews to make your store more trusted.

Understand Brand Position with Actual Data

After optimizing Shopee features, of course, you also have to know how your brand competes to optimize product sales.