Marketing Strategy: Types of Offline Marketing Strategy

Marketing: Types of Offline Marketing Strategies

A marketing strategy is a strategy used by a company to market its goods or services. According to the KKBI online, the notion of marketing is the process, method, and act of marketing merchandise.

For people who will be in the business world, marketing is an important thing. Therefore, it should not be careless in making a marketing strategy.

There needs to be a strategy in doing marketing. A number of companies are still implementing offline marketing strategies because they are still relevant and effective.

There are several types of offline marketing strategies. Today, most companies are still using this type of offline marketing strategy.

The following is a summary of the types of offline marketing strategies that you need to know:

Using Billboard

The location of the billboard on the highway makes the advertisement easy for many people to see. Usually placing ads that tend to highlight the visual appearance and minimize the text.

Using text-only to mention the name of the advertised product or service. Instead, it usually uses text that contains the slogan or motto of the company, product, or service being advertised.

The purpose of doing this is so that the advertisement can be very effective and conveyed to road users.

Sharing Business Cards

This offline marketing strategy is relatively cheaper in terms of cost. The method is also quite easy. The company only needs to distribute business cards to several clients and consumers.

However, how to share it is not arbitrary. Usually, companies will distribute business cards at certain moments, such as during meeting agendas or meetings with clients, gatherings with consumers, and so on.

Keep using this offline marketing strategy because it is very effective, especially in introducing a company.

Using Offline Classified Ads

Although currently many are based online, many still use offline classifieds as a marketing strategy. We can see this from the number of classified ads in newspapers and magazines.

Usually, a number of offline media, especially newspapers and magazines do offline new ads. Offline classifieds are usually located in several parts of the offline media page.

In fact, there are certain offline media that place classified ads exclusively on a full-page that is provided specifically.

Using Advertorials in Newspapers and Magazines

In addition to classified ads, companies usually often use advertorials in newspapers and magazines. Advertorial is an offline advertising strategy and marketing strategy with a journalistic style of presentation.

This marketing strategy is perfect for companies that want to advertise or do marketing in a subtle and persuasive manner.

If you want to use this offline marketing strategy, the company usually asks the media directly to make an advertorial. Companies only need to provide a certain amount of data that they must include in the advertorial.

Advertise on Television

In Indonesia, television is a medium that can be accessed by all groups. This condition makes many people still use television as one of the most effective offline marketing strategies.

The large number of people who access television is a challenge for the company. The reason is, that they have to make advertisements on television that people can understand.

In addition, they must pay attention to the duration of the ad serving. It is necessary to pay attention to this because television only shows advertisements briefly.

Become an Event Sponsor

This offline marketing method can be said to be mutualism or mutual benefit. From the organizers, get funds from the company. Meanwhile, the company gets a profit in the form of promotions from the event organizers.

In carrying out this offline marketing strategy, it is necessary to go through several processes. If the company agrees, the company will provide the required amount of funds to the organizers.

However, with conditions, the organizers must put the company logo on the stage or area where the event is held.

In addition, the company usually asks the organizers to thank the company for being a sponsor of the event.

Sharing Brochures

This offline marketing strategy is quite risky. Besides being quite expensive, brochures are vulnerable to lose and easy to tear.

Even so, the Company still uses this offline marketing strategy for various reasons. It is suitable to apply this offline marketing strategy at a special place or event.

In addition, distributing brochures is also suitable, especially if the company wants to carry out an informative and brief marketing strategy.